Quick Guide: E-Filing in the High Court of Delhi at New Delhi

This helpful guide has been penned by my colleague at the Bar, Mr. Arijit Sarkar, Advocate, who practices in the Supreme Court of India, the High Court of Delhi at New Delhi and all the Trial and District Courts in New Delhi. 

One of the few things we need to understand these days with the advent of new technology is the procedural aspect that is to be followed in our regular legal lives. From 22nd of June, 2020 onwards the Delhi High Court has shifted over to the E-filing system which though seems easy but has a few technicalities that have to be kept in mind while e-filing.    

Here is a quick guide to help you out in case you come across any difficulty in the filing process.

First and foremost you need to have an ID setup with the Delhi High Court E-Filing Portal[1]. Please note that the ID takes about a day or two to be activated and in case of urgency please contact somebody who might have the ID already if you cannot wait for that long.

Once the ID is created you have a choice between two paths. Either you can apply for urgent listing first and then go on to the portal to upload your file. Or you can upload the details and then later on add the reference number as and when your application for urgent listing is accepted.

How to apply for Urgent Listing?

Here you need to have with you a duly signed application clearly mentioning the need for urgent listing with the names of the parties mentioned and it shall be addressed to the Registrar General.

    1. The application shall be in a PDF format.
    2. Once the application is ready you need to go on to this link [2] in between 9 am to 10:30 am on all working days and fill up the necessary details and a reference number shall be generated.
    3. Keep the reference number safe as after the window for applying for urgent listing shuts you’ll need to use it to cross-reference it to check whether your application is accepted or not.

Once the Application for urgent listing is accepted you’ll need to send copies of your whole petition to the parties and to the counsel of the parties. You’ll need to save the proof of reference as you’ll have to attach the same towards the end of your petition as a separate annexure. Once the proof of service is attached then convert the whole petition with the additional annexure attached into a PDF.

An additional note, the format of the Delhi High Court requires you to bookmark each and every section of the Petition properly including the annexure details and the Interim Applications. A nice and free tool to do it is Foxit PDF Reader [3]

The next aspect before the final uploading of the file is the Court Fees. As per the nature of your Petition the relevant court fee is to be submitted here[4]. You may need to register on this site using your valid credentials. Once the Court Fee is successfully submitted you’ll receive a 17-digit code which you will need to put in and redeem right before uploading your file otherwise it will show an error.

Note that the Court Fee shall be valid till the time your case is finally registered, irrespective of how many times you may end up refiling it to cure defects, if any.  

Once in the portal and you have filled in the relevant details you’ll need to upload the file which shall not be more than 50MB in size.  

  • Keep the name of the file you are uploading shortened as it does not matter what your Original case title is. For example the name of your case is Ram Kumar vs Commissioner of Police Delhi and Anr. You can instead write it as Ram Kumar vs Delhi Police.   
  • Once uploaded and you’ll have the Diary number and voila! Your case shall be registered and you can check for the defects that may be put by the registry.  
  • You can access the file in the Main Case Inbox inside the portal. And in case of any defects it’ll show up here. And the refiling of the file shall be done from here itself.

Certain Points to keep a track of:

  • Ensure that you logout from the portal from time to time as and when you might not be using it. As sometimes it may crash and you might be logged out of the portal, which shall in turn lead to you being locked out of your account for a period of 30 mins before you can log back in.
    • For all kinds of HELP you can contact the Delhi High Court Helpline No. 14611 and talk to the representatives. A point to note that you may have to call them a few times before they answer.  You can also check this FAQ.
    • In case of certain defects, which might cause you confusion you can visit the High Court of Delhi on normal working days and resolve the same from there.
    • You can also call the people designated by the High Court to ask them with regards to any confusion that might arise while filing.  

[1] http://dhcefiling.nic.in:8080/eFiling/


[3] https://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf-reader

[4] http://www.shcilestamp.com/